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MFM Bowie Church Alerts 

MFM Bowie has a church alert system whereby participants and visitors are quickly informed of important messages via SMS.

To stay in the loop and receive our SMS alerts, please text the word “mfmbowie” to the following number: “84576”. 

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Stay Connected to MFM USA & MFM Int’l

MFM USA Daily Prayer Line

Join anointed ministers of God for daily prayers on the MFM USA Prayer Line.

6:00 am and 11:00 pm daily 

(except Sunday morning)

(712) 770-4047

(712) 770-4051

(712) 770-4056

(712) 770-4062

(712) 770-4068

G.O. Radio

Listen to G.O. Radio that plays 24 hours, 7 days a week by calling:


(605) 477-3738   

Power Must Change Hands Prayers 

Click the button below to find MFM HQ’s website with links to each month’s prayers from previous PMCH programs.